Aug 22, 2010

Use toothpaste as acne treatment?

I can't believe that the myth about using toothpaste as a spot treatment for pimples is still being promoted.
I just read this recommendation in an article on Ezine Articles:

The best way to treat your acne with toothpaste is to only use it on your spots. It does not replace a acne cleanser.

  • Dab toothpaste on inflamed area before bed
  • Cover with band aid
  • Uncover in morning

It sounds so crazy but it works.

Do NOT do this!  Toothpaste has irritants in it that can aggravate an already inflamed pimple and make it much worse.  Stick with gently cleansing the area and applying a little acne treatment containing benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.  I prefer something with an antibiotic in it as well, like Duac.

- Sharyn
Editor, Makeup for Acne

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